.:: Produtos Faísca

Since the year 1870, in the traditional and architecturally distinguished “Fazenda Gizé,” home of the Faísca Products, located in the City of Guarani, State of Minas Gerais, farming and stock-breeding have been our basic activities.

In the beginning, coffee-growing was developed.  Currently, the main activity is olive-farming, for the manufacture of seasonings, as well as the production of milk from our herds, for the preparation of fine sweets for desserts and fillings.

Produtos Faísca now makes outstanding products for sauces, condiments and sweets.

Its sauce made with the extremely hot Malagueta peppers is the one with the best flavor ever produced in Brazil, thanks to the long experience and tradition of Indústria Faísca in the cultivation of the Malagueta pepper, an activity that it has been developing for more than 30 years.

The result of these years of work has been to raise the select Produtos Faísca to international benchmarks of quality, thereby putting Brazilian cuisine on the tables of many different peoples, and contributing, in this manner, to Brazilian exports, making various foreign countries acquainted with the quality of our products.