.:: Benefits of Peppers

A member of the Capsicum genus, the pepper was brought from the Americas to Europe in the sixteenth century.  Greatly appreciated for its pungency (strength), color, texture and aroma, it is consumed daily, either raw of in the form of sauces and preserves, by more than one fourth of the world’s population. 

An indispensable condiment in all cuisines around the globe, the pepper is also known for its medicinal properties, for example, as a paste for external use in the treatment of pains and inflammations.

The Arabs used it to fight dysentery, and the Africans to treat intestinal infections and as an anti-parasitic, a cicatrizing agent, and a remedy for diarrhea and hemorrhoids.

Regarded also as an aphrodisiac in many countries, peppers enhance the flavor of foods and can be provided in various forms.  Their properties as a preservative were already known by the Indians, who ground them and mixed them with salt or ashes, thus preserving their seeds until planting time.